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very nice. ta very much

Matt, 23Nov17

always great food

Phillipa, 15Nov17

Won't order from anywhere else

Kelly, 14Nov17

Really good curry!

Sam, 05Nov17


Paige, 05Nov17

Ordered food for 7 years never any complaints top curry and friendly staff

Aaron, 02Oct17

Consistently good food prepared very quickly, at an extremely affordable price. Couldn't ask for more!

Jamie, 20Sep17

Always brilliant

Arron, 16Sep17


Yasmine, 10Sep17

I love your food.. your food is life..

Benjamin, 27Aug17

Thanks again!

Abby, 24Aug17

We love you

Caoimhe, 12Aug17

We love you always xxxx

Caoimhe, 12Aug17

lovely food

Paula, 03Aug17

lovely food

Paula, 27Jul17


Chris, 12Jul17

lovely food

Paula, 05Jul17

You should include the postcode M4 6BY in the list.

Jeanette, 05Jul17

Amazing quality for the price, don't go anywhere else now

Kelly, 18Jun17

lovely food

Paula, 12Jun17

Great as always!

Tom, 11Jun17

lovely food

Paula, 11Jun17

good value for money and lovely food

Paula, 03Jun17

lovely food

Paula, 29May17

Favourite takeaway in all of Manchester, Great food and quick delivery

Anastasia, 26May17

Your website's not user friendly. For instance when I was adding the vegetable burger to my order, I got a popup that readWould you like any sauces?It then had some options I could click, like No, Less, and Next. I think all of those buttons should do the same thing, i.e. skip that step but no, for instance clicking no changes the text to No (tick) instead of actually skipping the sauce selection.The 'sauces' you can choose to add also include Salad which isn't a sauce, and No Salad which is the same thing as clicking No above surely? It gets better though. I can order the sauce called Lettu but I can also order Lettuce which is what I think 'lettu' is meant to be. I can even order the sauce called Plain which surely is the same thing as no salad and not selecting a sauce, or alternatively pressing No at the top. Then I can also get bbq as an option, which brings up capitalisation, it's inconsistent across the menu options.Another thing you may want to change is the colour scheme, bright red and bright yellow is painful to look at and in fact will look grey to colour blind visitors. Have a look at just-eat's colour scheme, their background is white or grey, their highlight colours are red and blue, used sparingly. White backgrounds with 1 or 2 highlight colours used sparingly is common across many websites such as twitter, facebook, google, youtube and reddit for good reason.Sorry but I'm being harsh but your delivery people have encouraged me to use your website instead of just-eat, however the website itself is difficult to use and makes me want to go back to just-eat, even if it is slightly more expensive.

Max, 24May17